Best 6 Mail-order Bride Sites 2024

Online mail order brides are some of the most desirable women. They are pretty, frail, gentle, and open-minded. No wonder many guys ask themselves how they can “order” girls online. Unfortunately, this is not this simple. You cannot just order a woman, but you can meet the lady of your dreams, even though she lives thousands of miles away. How? Keep reading to find out!

Tips to distinguish a top dating service

It is easy to choose one of two oranges. But what about hundreds of fruits? It is even more complex when it comes to the sites – they all look the same, but they all are different. Here are a few steps you should take:

  1. Find a few sites, and pick the biggest ones in the Google Search results.
  2. Consider the reviews – you should not believe everything people say on the Web, but this is still an important stage that helps exclude the most suspicious companies.
  3. Create a profile and try to use free features, browse ladies’ profiles to find out these are real people or fakes.
  4. Compare all the options and pick the best one.

So, you cannot order a wife, but you can find a company that will try to help you.

Weird wedding traditions in different countries

Some people think that it is weird to order mail brides. There are some weird things people do when they are in love. Here are some interesting wedding traditions from all around the world.

  • Scotland. There is a Scottish tradition according to which a girl needs to overcome a challenge to be ready for the challenges of family life. A bride is showered with dirt and rubbish – if she handles this, she will be able to handle anything!
  • China. In one province in China, a bride has to cry for a whole month. She is crying alone, with her mother, and with friends.
china wives
  • India. In India, guys marry trees. The thing is the second son cannot marry a girl if the first son is single. That is why a first son marries a tree, which is cut down later – this makes him a widower.
  • Kenya. In some tribes, a father spits in a daughter’s face – that is how he blesses her. After this, a girl leaves her home without looking over her shoulder – otherwise, she will turn into a stone.

Why do girls like Americans?

Why do ladies marry guys who “order” foreign brides? Most mail order brides are young and pretty, and in most cases, they marry older guys. Is this about money? Not really. They just believe that Americans make best husbands for the following reasons:

  • Faithful. Many women create their first profile on niche websites because they are recovering from breakup or divorce. There are many patriarchal countries where the behavior of cheating men is not even discouraged by society. No wonder these ladies think they can find a faithful guy in the country where people have different values.
  • Well-mannered and loving. This is another reason that makes women look for the love of their lives overseas. It is considered that western guys are polite, loving, well-mannered and respectful. This contrasts greatly with how some local men treat their women.
  • Successful. The success of a man matters a lot. No, they are not “material girls”: in fact, any woman wants to date and marry a successful and ambitious man, not because of his money but because this means that this is a strong guy who used to achieve his goals. So it is just sexy!

Don’ts of dating a girl from another country

Here are some useful tips that may help you win a girls heart online or offline:

  1. Do not sound like you are going to buy a bride online – treat her like a princess, like a woman that you have always dreamed of;
  2. Don’t be rude or tell weird jokes – it can mostly scare the girl away from you;
  3. Don’t be greedy – many foreign brides adore chivalry, so prepare to spend some money on little gifts for your loved one;
  4. Don’t lie about your intentions – avoid misunderstandings from the very beginning of a relationship.

Why do women become mail order brides?

We know why men want to order wives online. But why do girls create profiles on niche sites? Why are they ready to leave everything and everyone they love in their own country and start building a new life in a new social environment? There is motivation, actually.

In search of a decent man

As mentioned above, women want to meet a decent man. A lot of them are disappointed in local guys – they believe that they can find certain qualities in a man living thousands of miles away.

Social reasons

Overseas women live in conservative societies, and some are unhappy about certain local traditions. Dating a foreign guy is their chance to change life completely and make them a lot happier.

Economic reasons

The phenomenon of wife buying emerged because there were much poorer countries where girls were ready to do anything to leave them. Today, everything is different. Yes, some countries where people overcome many difficulties, including financial ones, but brides do not want to be servants. Women want to live in a better place and ensure a better future for their kids.

Frequently asked questions

Is dating a MOB a waste of time?

It depends on your strategy. If you choose the right site, there is a big chance that you will succeed. It will be even bigger if you know for sure that you want to meet a Filipina, a Ukrainian bride, or a Korean woman. So, they are real girls who really would like to marry a good guy, and the only question is if you will use this chance.

Who is mail order bride from a psychological standpoint?

A foreign wife is a woman who knows what she wants. She is motivated to build a family with a man who meets certain criteria and is even ready to change her environment and life completely to achieve this goal. Marriage with such a woman is not a union of two business partners – a mail order woman who wants to love and to be loved.

wife belarusian

Who are MOBs in real life?

Whatever people say, they are just regular girls who have dreams. All of them do not mind moving to their husband’s country, and most of them want to have kids.

Benefits and weaknesses of dating ladies from abroad

Pros of choosing this path:

  • It is much easier than real-life dating;
  • Girls have the same goal and want to change their lives by meeting the right man;
  • You can save hundreds of hard-earned dollars – online dating I less expensive;
  • Singles are really attractive, gentle, and often hard-working.

Cons of using bride services:

  • You cannot order brides online – you will need to win a lady’s heart
  • You cannot meet her in person often
  • You need to analyze and compare agencies to choose a good site

You never know how it works for you until you try!